Best and Biggest Wine Festivals in NY and Around The World

Wine festivals are wonderful occasions where you get to try tons of wine from an array of producers, though the events include much more! Some hold parades, allow patrons to press grapes, and provide plenty of food and music. With that said, not all festivals are created equal and some certainly aren’t worth your coins. … Continue reading Best and Biggest Wine Festivals in NY and Around The World

Hammocks & Vines

Brooklyn is chock full of hidden gems and Rooftop Reds, located in the Navy Yard section of the borough is another one that we couldn’t wait to share with you.   This winery is home to the city’s first urban vineyard.  Vines were planted on the roof of this industrial complex and maintained by the vineyard’s Managing Director and co-lead wine maker, Devin Shomaker.  I … Continue reading Hammocks & Vines

Wines of South Africa

South Africa has been growing wines since the 1600s.  Despite a tumultuous history that included apartheid, economic sanctions, agricultural disease, and a struggling export market, South Africa has emerged as a region that punches well above its weight-class to provide top quality wines that we enjoy today.  South Africa is divided into nine provinces with … Continue reading Wines of South Africa

A story in every bottle

It’s the history, structure, flavor profiles, and marketing that make wine such a unique and wonderfully complicated beverage.   Every bottle came from somewhere special and made available to you based on some preconceived understanding of your tastes and preferences in alcohol.  In every glass, there is an interesting story on why the winemaker chose certain … Continue reading A story in every bottle